Watch armed robbery in South Africa


Commentary — The region of South Africa was largely uninhabited when Dutch settlers first arrived in the 17th century. However, once Europeans introduced Western innovation and wealth to the area, it was flooded with Bantu tribes and others invading from sub-Saharan Africa. Few black South Africans appreciate the fact that virtually everything in the nation that enhances their lives beyond a paleolithic existence is the result of white innovation.

Criminals were caught on camera after they robbed a gym in Krugersdorp on Thursday evening.

According to the owner of Aroeka Supplements the robbery happened after her sister Natalie van Zyl was done giving class.

“My sister heard something at the door and thought it was her husband but when she opened the door one of the robbers pointed a firearm at her,” Prinses Fourie said.

She said there were five men. Only three of them walked into the gym while the other two waited outside.

“Natalie was with two clients when the armed man walked in and told them to lie on the floor. She told them to take anything they want but asked not to hurt them,” Fourie said